Stephanie Lodman

Who was Stephanie Skinner Lodman?

By Marcia Wall

Stephanie was born in Billings, Montana on March 13, 1970. At 6 weeks old, she became a foster baby because she was failing to thrive. Her young mother tried to nourish Steph but all baby formulas did not agree with her. Our mother, Charlotte Vergine, was determined to help this tiny frail baby back to health and she did. Her little body and organs were damaged but continued to thrive with our Mom. Steph remained with our mother as a permanent placement in foster care. She attended school in Billings until they moved to a “little house on the prairie” outside of Rosebud, Montana. Steph flourished and was also close to other family members and her special cousin Monique (who were just one month apart in age).

When Steph turned 18, our mother officially adopted her. She began attending Carroll College and then went back to Billings after a year and attended MSU Billings. She had a serious accident while in college, and broke her left arm and hand in several places which led to many endured hardships during her adult life. Steph married Steve Lodman of Billings and soon after they moved to Salem, Oregon. Her favorite job was in Law Enforcement in Salem as a 911 Dispatcher. She loved the work and wanted to continue but her physical and emotional health was an obstacle.

She and Steve gave birth to their son, Carter James while in Oregon. They moved several times in Oregon and landed in Libby, Montana where Carter continued school and where he still lives today along with his Dad Steve.

Stephanie was a Native American descendant of Gros Ventre and Crow tribes. She enjoyed researching and reading about her heritage as she got older. She was in every way our sister and tragically died at age 50 just 3 years ago of health issues. She was an extraordinarily fun-loving, kind, and generous human! She had a beautiful speaking voice and her laughter was infectious! She also had MANY kitties and dogs that brought her great joy and comfort along her earthly journey. Stephanie couldn’t resist a newborn kitten that needed a home. She was very loved and an important member of our Sisterhood! We are honored to offer this Angel Fund scholarship in her memory so that another high school graduate can follow their dream of post-secondary education. Congratulations!

Sponsored by Steph’s sisters: Marcia Wall, Founder of Angel Fund, Connie Vergine, retired Dental Hygienist and Cynthia Mulvaney, retired Elementary Teacher. We all miss her!