If your student is in need of clothing for the school year, please contact your student's Helena School District Angel Coordinator for an application. Applications will be available through October and November each year. Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch qualify for Angel Fund clothing assistance.
Step 1
To begin the

application process

, you must first get in touch with an Angel Coordinator at your child's school. Please refer to the following table for contact information.
SchoolPhoneAngel CoordinatorEmail
Broadwater324-1124KC Richem
Bryant324-1186Olivia Blood
324-1200Kaci Hauptman
Central324-1230Shelby Gill
4 G’s324-1319Jamie
Hawthorne324-1388Jennifer Bauer
Jefferson324-2083Madison Floding
Jim Darcy324-1429Mary Robertson
Kessler324-1674Micah Kemper
Rossiter324-1507Sean Morrison
Warren324-1624Colette Ozburn
HMS324-1013Kevin Flatow
324-1014Monica Glueckert
HHS324-2224Ellaina Staldine
PAL 324-1650Brooke Kupcho
Access to Success 447-2004Josh
Step 2
Your Angel Coordinator will provide you with an Angel Application. Please complete this application, sign it and return it to your coordinator. Applications are available starting October 1. The period for spending Angel Funds runs from October 1 to November 30. Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch also qualify for Angel Fund assistance.
You may review a sample application below. This application is intended for review only and should not be filled out. The only valid Angel Application is the one provided by your Angel Coordinator in three-ply (white, yellow, and pink) format.
Step 3
If your child is approved for Angel Fund assistance, your Angel Coordinator will provide you with a signed pink copy of your application. The pink copy of the application acts as a voucher and will specify the dollar amount approved. Elementary students are eligible for up to $150. The limit for middle and high school students is $200. Once you receive this pink voucher, you may shop for school-appropriate items at one of the following Helena merchants:
Target 3303 N Montana Ave495-8368
TJ Maxx2005 Cromwell Dixon Lane442-6185
Wal-Mart2750 Prospect Ave443-3220
Old Navy 3215 N Montana Ave558-2360
Please be sure to bring the pink voucher with you to the store. The merchant will need this in order to place your child's items on hold.
Step 4
When you have finished selecting items at the store, please double-check to make sure all merchandise is school-appropriate. Inappropriate items will not be accepted, and the shopping process may not be repeated. Take your items to the store's Customer Service desk and ask the clerk to place the items on hold for The Angel Fund. Ask the clerk for the total dollar amount of all items selected. Give the clerk the top portion of the pink voucher. They will use this to put your child's items on hold. Fill in the bottom portion of the pink voucher, including the total dollar amount of the purchase, and return it to your Angel Coordinator. An Angel Fund representative will visit the store, approve your selections and pay for the merchandise. You will be contacted by your coordinator when your child's merchandise has been paid for.